Daily Intentions desk planner


The daily intentions desk planner allows you to have a self-check in with yourself around your day.


A5 in size (14.8 x 21cm)

50 sheets

Daily intentions desk planner which has been designed to help your self care and focus productivity. It allows you to organise your daily intentions with provided prompts to help look after mental wellbeing.

As well as being able to organise your intentions for the day, this fun pad also allows you to add any extra bits and bobs.

How to use (suggestions)

Top Priorities of the Day: Think about 1 to 5 priorities you have to ‘to do’ in your day. These would include things you need to ensure are complete. Eg a deadline you have for work or a house chore. We all have our stuff! Write it down as a reminder for yourself.

Self-care of the Day: Have a little think about what you would like to do for yourself today. Can you think of at least one? You are important, be kind to yourself.

3 Intentions of the Day: This is different to your priorities! Be creative – this could be FaceTiming a friend, or reading a book. What do you intend to do with your day?

Notes + Extra Bits: Here we have some extra room to jot down any notes or little reminders. Why not add a positive affirmation?

Hope this helps!

Divina x


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