Private Practice Workshop

Building a successful Private Practice workshop: For Therapists
Are you a therapist / counsellor? And have you ever thought about running your own successful private practice?

Would you like to be your own boss, create your work schedule to how it suits you? How would it feel to build your practice with confidence and simplicity? I am here to tell you, that you can.

What does this workshop offer?

This workshop is a 1:1 intensive single session. The workshop is for 1.5 hours which can be had via zoom or face to face.
The workshop will cover 9 modules

Unit 1:


I want to understand your vision, your expectations and for us to take a moment to value that! This is a massive step on your journey to see if this is for you. PS – please ask all the questions that you need. We will spend some time:

  • Going through your experience and qualifications that you hold in this field (I want to get to know you!!)
  • Core factors for you, to consider before setting up your own practice

Future – what do you want this to look like?

Unit 2:


  1. Finance and expenses! Let’s talk money – Upfront costs of setting up privately – What you choose to spend money on is up to you (however some things are a must!) Let’s discuss what may be useful for you. E.g., from room hire to new technology

  2. Networking – Do you have any contacts? Being a counsellor in a private practice when working with nobody else other than yourself can be isolating. How do we network?

  3. Specialisms – What client work would you like to do? What do you offer clients? What does your ideal client look like?

Unit 3:


Let’s cover what needs to be done if you decide to go self-employed! This section is vital when setting up. This is a wide section – yet so important. We will take it at your pace!

Unit 4:


Unit 4 takes you through all the other bits you need to consider around keeping records around your business. How can you keep yourself organised?!

Unit 5:


Part A:
This is where it starts to get fun! Clients want to get a sense of who you are. Who you are as an individual is important for your business. Let’s discuss how we can make your space show that! Let’s also discuss the factors around it such as online work, working alone etc which is covered in part two of this unit.

Part B:
Location Working from home Online Counselling Using your time – how to split your time working alone.

Unit 6:


This section of the workshop is important to know before you start client work as well as during! It’s a part to keep up to date with and be aware of.

Unit 7:


YAY – now imagine you’ve made it to your first session with a client. This unit is here to support this process. The first session may feel scary – and that’s completely fine! You’ve made it. You are now going to learn more about your working style.

Unit 8:


Having a private practice means that you are caring for your clients. We forget that we need to look after ourselves too! This section of the workshop allows us to look at factors that will support your boundary making as well as self-care.

Unit 9:


  1. What do dry spells look like? Support in what this means for you
  2. Refreshing your training – mini courses, online courses, supervision.
  3. How to use your skills – what else can you be doing?

  4. This is a one-to-one workshop, which means that the experience will be tailored to fit your needs. To find out more, get in touch by clicking here.


1. What type of therapy is best for me?

There are many different types of therapy, and each therapist brings their unique experiences to their work when working alongside you.
Before starting therapy, you will be able to read a therapist’s profile which will explain what approach they take when working with their clients. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation, where you can ask me as many questions you need about how I work with my clients, and it allows for a space for you to understand what type of therapy would be best suitable for you.

2. How do I book a session?

To book in for your first session, you can send an email to, fill out the contact form, or book in for a free 15-minute counselling consultation. I aim to get back to all enquires within 1-3 days.
How much does counselling cost?
Sessions are £70. I do offer student fees which are £65 per the session.

3. How frequently should I attend counselling?

Counselling generally works best when attended at least once a week. If this is something, you can do – it is what I would recommend. However, I can also understand that this may not be doable for many, therefore, I do offer fortnightly sessions. This would need to be discussed further so we can understand your needs and provide you the best level of support.
On the ‘how long is a session’, can you please add ‘I am based in harrow but also offer sessions via zoom and telephone which means you can be based anywhere in the world!’